Manual Installation World Star Hip Hop Kodi Addon Repo

Manual Installation World Star Hip Hop Kodi Addon Repo

The World Star Hip Hop addon for Kodi scrapes it’s information from a popular website by the same name. The site claims to be the number one urban outlet, and the addon is a collection of videos. These videos seem to range from music from unsigned artists, to a video of a Hammerhead shark swimming up on the beach. It also seems to cover everything in between. If you are looking for a collection of the weird and wonderful with some music thrown in, this is the addon for you. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of downloading, installing, and using World Star Hip Hop on Kodi.
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How to Install the World Star Hip Hop Add-on

To begin the quest for this modern day outlet,  you will need to open up Kodi and click on System.

System One Click

That will bring up the settings screen that looks like the one right below. From here, click Add-ons.

Kodi System Addons

There will now be five options available to you. Select the one that says Install from repository.

Install from repository

Now, choose the option that says Kodi Add-on repository.

Official repo Install

There are quite a few categories to choose from here. You want the one that says Video Add-ons.

Official repo video addons

All 300+ video addons are listed here in order. Locate and click on the one that says World Star Hip Hop.

world star select

Clicking that heading will bring up some information about the addon. Go ahead and click the Install button.

World Star install

Now after waiting a few moments, you will see a notification stating that the addon is now enabled. If you are paying attention, you will see it on the left side as well.

addon enabled

And now that you see the addon is enabled, of course that means it is ready for use. We will now show you how to use it.

How to Use the World Star Hip Hop Add-on

Using this addon is easy, but we decided to walk you through it. Return to your home screen, and click on the heading that says Videos.

Generic home screen video

Next, you see the options of Files, Playlists, and Video Add-ons. As you can guess, the one you want is Video Add-ons.

Generic Video Add-ons

You should now see all of the video addons you have installed. Click on the one labeled World Star Hip Hop.

addon selection

This last screen shows the insides of the addon. You can search for a video, or you can just look through the list. We suggest just looking through the list, because there is no telling what you may find there.

final screen

This World Star Hip Hop addon is great, and can be fun to watch. We like the fun of random videos. If you are looking for some amusement, this addon has it. Please share our guide with your friends to help them in getting the most out of Kodi.

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